Fresh Fruit Granola Pots

Since lock-down and the lack of Pret and cost in my life, I’ve been trying to spice things up with different breakfasts! I’m super picky when it comes to breakfast- i’m not a huge egg fan- i cant eat normal yogurt, don’t like porridge. So its hard to find something i actually like eating! I tried overnight oats and hated it. So these breakfast posts are perfect- and they look so pretty! They are super simple, dairy free and vegan!

These are coconut yogurt, fresh fruit and fruit compote with granola pots- the all time perfect brekki!


  • Coconut Yogurt
  • Fresh cherries- a lot of
  • granola

To make the compote- in a small pan add half the cherries- halfed and pips taken out, 2 spoonfulls of sugar, bring to the boil for 15 mins and then let cool. I often make enough that’ll last me a couple of days.

Layer the yogurt compote and fruit with the granola and enjoy

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