Spinach&Truffle Oil Ravioli

When I was growing up I couldn’t think of anything worse than mushy stuff inside pasta, I really used to think it killed something that was so great 99% of the time, pasta was good on its own why add something inside it?

This stuck with me for a really long time, and still now I wont order Ravioli in a restaurant for fear it might be terrible. Making it as home is super easy anyway so if im craving it ill just cook some I know I’ll like, right from scratch as well so i know there isnt any added nasty.

I learnt how to make pasta from scratch at school, and something that I began thinking would be impossible turned out to be simple and taste so much better than I though it could. Homemade fresh pasta is another level of greatness, and its just so easy to make.

I did a spinage and cream ravioli as my final dish exam at school, paired with red snapper and veg, it was something I could make look impressive and also didn’t take much time so it was perfect for a very stressed out me in exam condistions, although it wasn’t my best I got my degree so it couldn’t be that bad right?

So this is my new and improved ravioli. Spinage and cream stuffing with parmesan cheese and truffle oil- topped with some basil and a couple of sticks of asapagras.

I made this dish the day after I got back from Africa. I was eating massive amounts of carbs so I thought id continue the trend as well as allowing myself an hour in the kitchen- something id missed a great amount! After the day of traveling and having to have many naps to make myself feel human again this was he perfect little lunch, not only quick and easy, but fresh ingredients that really tastes great together.

Whatyou need:


  • 1 2/3 cups Italian “00” flour
  • 2 medium or large egg
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Pinch sea salt
  • Spinage
  • Double Cream
  • Black pepper
  • truffle oil
  • parisan cheese
  • asparagus


Firstly you want to make the filling, cook the spinage in boiling water for a few seconds, take out of the boiling water straight into ice cold, once its cool add it to the blender with the cream, salt and pepper and blitz up- you can taste test it here to see if you want to add any more seasoning. Once this is done spoon out and leave in the fridge until the pasta is ready.

Then time to make the pasta.

Sive the flour into the bowl, make a hole in the middle to add the egg, oil and salt.

Kneed it together for about 5 mins, until smooth.

Pass the pasta through a pasta machine-this make it smooth as well as evenly rolled out.Once its been passed through use a cookie cutter to cut into circles.

Spoon the filling into the middle and fold the pasta over the top, twist the sides and bring into th middle by twisting. Until it makes a crab like shape.

Boil some water and add some salt and olive oil. Then add the ravioli and cook for 2-3 mins. Drain- then add back into the pan with some butter, parmisan cheese, salt, black pepper and truffle oil mix it all together.

To finish add to the bowl with some fried asparagus, top with black pepper and some more grated cheese.



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