Sunday Roast- Lamb

This is the Sunday roast I did for easter Sunday, and although I got a big complaint by my very hungry mother (bare in mind that I only started cooking at 1pm) apparently it was worth it, and yes it was if I do say so myself.

Now the whole Sunday lunch thing is very boring, and because of this its got a bad rep. When I think of a home cooked Sunday lunch I think of overcooked boiled veg Aunt Bessie roast potatoes and Yorkshires and flavorless meat.

Now I’m not you and you might love that and crave it every Sunday- I do not.

Since getting into the London eating thing I’ve been seeing the food world very differently, and I’ve been going to some incredible places like Cora Pearl and their Sunday lunch is bloody good.

So after these experiences I didn’t understand why home cooked Sunday lunches couldn’t be just as good so here goes- also I served my cauliflower cheese with this as well, but as I’ve already done a nice big blog about it you can go see it there. I’m going to do this blog a little differently, because there are so many little things put into it.

Right here goes.

For the theme of easter I did lamb, before putting this in the oven, trim off a lot of the fat and grizzle bits and put to the side. Once you’ve done that put them to the side and put the lamb into a deep baking tray drizzle with olive oil and cover in salt, garlic salt garlic- crushed and rosemary. Cover in tin foil and leave to cook for a couple of hours on a low heat- at home-home I have a aga so this has a slow cooker in the bottom draw, therefore I left it in there for 4 hours.

Time to prep the veg, now would be the time id do the cauliflower cheese- see previous blog post for that recipe.

Potatoes: Peal and cut the potatoes put on the boil until soft, once soft drain and place on a baking tray, use a mixture of melted butter and olive oil and pour over the pots, add rock salt, thyme and rosemary and a little black pepper. Pop in the oven.

Carrots and Onions: Wash and cut the carrots and largely slice the onions. Put in a baking tray with olive oil, salt and thyme leaves- this gives them a really lovely flavour. You can also (to be a bit different) add some 5 spice to the carrots, this gives them a really different flavour and people really like them.


Cabbage: I had a side of cabbage the other day at kitty fishers, it was incredible, and I wanted to try it myself, so this is it. I chopped it into 4’s (only cooking 2) I covered in olive oil and salt, then mustard and mustard seeds, and a little honey. Roasted for 20 mins and they were a soft sticky mess and tasted amazing.

Broccoli: I’m a big fan of long stem broccoli, and I always fry it, sometimes with other yummy things like pine nuts or almonds, but this time I went back to the traditional Sunday roast broc, I simply chopped it in half and drizzled it in oil and salt, roasted it and it was ready to go.

Jus: For the gravy you want it to be great, like nothing else you’ve tasted before. So, the meat that you cut off before is going to get its time to shine, use a pan and cook the meet until its nearly burnt, add some chopped up carrots and celery, put in some lamb stock, some thyme and rosemary and leave to cook. Once its boiled and simmered for about 25mins drain it and put it back on the heat, taste test and add some flour to thicken, if need less salt add some more stock, if needs more salt taste test until its right, wile it reduces keep taste testing it.

And that’s the Sunday lunch that is going to change your Sunday lunch experience.

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