Hot Cross Buns

The first time I made hot cross buns I wanted to make them every single weekend, they were so good and I got really excited, of course I was at collage I had this with almost everything I cooked, and as life seems to go I didn’t end up making them again until a few months back and holy shit they were terrible.

At college things seemed easy, I had a big chef there to help me and all the equipment I could ever want, at home I don’t have this support system that’s going to help me when i cock up.

They were heavy and gross and until I covered them in butter I couldn’t eat them, but eat them I DID. I’m not a quitter. So when I thought about making them for Easter I was scared, okay not scared…I’m scared when I have to jump out a plane not bake some hot cross buns, but I hate more than anything failing- so to fail at this again would be a terrible.

So on to the try, I thought that maybe even if I flopped again, I would make them taste amazing, so add some chocolate and orange, because tell me who doesn’t like chocolate and orange?

It was Easter after all and even though my mother will not stop going on about my weight and my maybe slightly chubby tummy, she still brought me far too many Easter eggs, so I had the chocolate at hand.

Obviously, I wanted to keep them really traditional at the same time, so I had all the normal yummy stuff in there as well. And look I’m not going to sit here and lie, they were good, super yummy and I had them all inhaled by the time night came, but they could have been better and when that day comes that I take on the hot cross bun again I will be here letting you know how it goes and it will be better, you have my word.

Firstly, I melted the butter and warmed the milk. Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl, added the butter and eggs and half the milk, using your hands bring it all together slowly adding the rest of the milk and the orange juice, work it until its smooth and nice, then add in the currents, orange peel, lemon peel and chocolate, fold it all in and then bring together in a ball, grease the bowl and put it in the bowl, leave to proof for 45mins, after that bring it out and start the kneading again, put into the balls and place on the baking papered baking tray, again leave under clingfilm for another 45 mins. Once the 45 mins are up pipe on the flour mix and put in the oven to cook until golden brown, take out and cover with warm maple syrup and enjoy- I like them with cinnamon butter.

What I used:

  • 500g Strong Flour
  • 75g caster sugar
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 3 mixed spice
  • 10g fast acting yeast
  • 300ml Milk
  • 10g Salt
  • 1 lemon zested
  • 1 orange zested
  • Half an orange juiced
  • Hand full of chocolate chips
  • Hand full of currents.




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