Thai Geen(ish) Curry


Thai Green Curry;

So this dish was actually a request, one of my pals is kind of obsessed with green curry- I’m pretty sure its all she eats so naturally she wanted an easy and quick (but also really yum) recipe to follow. Then maybe shell stops spending money on Thai take out … she can dream. Personally, I’ve never made a Thai curry before and I’m not really a Thai curry kind of gal, more a noodles person but maybe m mind has been changed now I’ve tried my very own! When I went to Thailand with my parents- one of the funniest things was watching my mums face when she tried some of the food that was inundated with fish sauce… if only I had a picture. so after that, I would massively move around the foods that had fish sauce in… because let’s be real it stinks real bad, and curry has it in so I never even braved it, clearly stupidly. I am a big curry person so missing out on it because of my mother’s face was rather silly, anyway I’ve made it now and that’s all that matters. I’m a big spicy food person so I made this curry with quite a lot of chili in- of course, you can change the amount you put in. I’m also very aware that it’s not actually that green in color and I have no idea why, but everything in this is natural and no artificial l anything so maybe that’s how the green looks stronger in shop brought green curry- who knows.

This curry took about 40mins to prep and cook- its very simple so enjoy.


·        2 Chicken breasts

·        400g Mush

·        1 can coconut milk

·        600ml chicken stock

·        Handful of mange tout

·        Thai basil

·        2 limes

·        4 cloves of garlic

·        2 shallots

·        5cm ginger

·        1 lemon grass stick

·        4 chilis

·        1 teaspoon cumin

·        1 teaspoon fish sauce

·        Handful Cavolo Nero

Firstly get the curry paste done, chop the garlic, ginger and shallots up and put in a food processor, add the lemongrass stick after breaking it open and cutting, the chili, cumin, and fish sauce- blitz it all up. Once that’s done cook the chicken and mushrooms until cooked through.

Put the curry paste into the pan and slightly cook, once it’s been cooked for a couple of mins add the can of coconut milk and chicken stock add the Thai basil (can use lime leaves as well) bring to the boil an then simmer for 25 mins. Add the chicken and rest of the veg for 5 mins and its good to go. Serve with plain rice and a couple of segments of lime (can also add some more chili at this point) Enjoy.



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